The Toastmasters Programme

The Communication and Leadership Programme

Your membership provides you with professionally prepared educational material and resources on speaking.

Competent Communication

Upon joining a club, you will receive the Toastmasters Competent Communicator Programme Manual. It contains a series of 10 speech assignments designed to provide instruction and practice in the basic techniques of public speaking. Your first speech will be an “icebreaker” -a chance to introduce yourself to your fellow Toastmas­ters. From then on, you work at the pace that suits you. You will be introduced to techniques on how to identify and state your purpose, and how to properly construct a speech. You’ll gain experience in the use of voice variety, word pictures, and persuasion, and you will learn how to make what you say crystal clear to your listeners.

Competent Leadership

You will receive the Toastmasters Competent Leadership Manual. It contains a series of leadership assignments designed to provide instruction and practice in the basic techniques of leadership as you perform the various leadership roles in the meetings.


To assist the member, the Toastmasters programme includes effective evaluation.  This evaluation of each members’ prepared speaking effort is performed by fellow Toastmasters in a constructive and helpful manner, utilizing a prepared evaluation procedure that is an integral part of the Toastmasters programme.

Table Topics

You will be given ample opportunities to practice expressing your thoughts in conversation through Table Topics, the extemporaneous speaking portion of the meeting. During this programme, all those who are not assigned a subject for a prepared talk respond with one or two-minute impromptu talks, usually on current events.

The Toastmaster Magazine

Every month, The Toastmaster Magazine provides new insight into the ever-changing world of communication and leadership. The ideas, opinions and techniques featured in each issue are alone worth Toastmasters’ modest dues.

Beyond The Basics

Advanced Communication and Leadership Programme

Upon completion of the basic programme, the opportunities do not stop there. The next step is the advanced programme series. This programme offers challenging projects that are geared to your specific career needs. Titles include: Speeches by Management, Public Relations, The Entertaining Speaker, Speaking to Inform, Specialty Speeches, The Conference Speaker, The Professional Speaker, Technical Presentations, Humorousely Speaking  and the Professional Salesperson.

Success/Leadership Series

Toastmasters International has created a series of seminar modules designed for supplemental educational programming in your club. You will have the opportunity to build your thinking power and learn how to give effective evaluations, to listen effectively, to conduct productive meetings, and to learn parliamentary procedure.

Speechcraft, and Youth Leadership

You can share your Toastmasters training with others outside of the organization when you participate in these programmes. The Speechcraft programme is an eight-week course for adults on the fundamentals of public speaking. Many clubs present this course either to the public or to employees. The Youth Leadership Programme teaches young men and women under the age of eighteen the basic techniques of public speaking and helps prepare them for taking positions of leadership in today’s society.

Audio and Visual Tools

For use outside your club meeting, Toastmasters International also offers cassette programmes – Communicate What You Think, The Complete Speaker, The Effective Speaker, and Humour, Speaking and You – and a video programme – Be Prepared to Speak.

As you become more experienced and confident, you’ll be given opportunities to learn the basic skills of leadership. You’ll serve as master of ceremonies, lead group discussions, serve as a chairman or member of a committee, or become a club officer. You will gain experience in conference, convention and programme arrangements – learning while doing in an atmosphere of fellowship and fun with your fellow club members.

Minimal Cost/Maximum Benefits

For a R400 joining fee (For manuals), plus a semi annual subscription of R850, you can become the successful person you want to be.  It is the best value self development organisation in the world.