President - Charl Overmeyer

The captain of the Toastmasters ship, navigating the meetings with wit and charm, ensuring everyone's voice is heard, and keeping the cheese on the move! Charl Overmeyer - "Know thyself!" 079 389 8280

Vice President Education - Kabwe Chanda

the mastermind behind the members' growth and development, crafting learning journeys that lead to success – all while having a ton of fun along the way! Kabwe Chanda - "Resilience blooms, a man like a rose on concrete." 076 697 8708

Vice President Public Relations - Lesedi Masina

The bard of the club, crafting tales and spreading the word about the adventures far and wide, ensuring the club's reputation shines like a lighthouse! Lesedi Masina - "Be the person who still tries; after failure, after frustration, after disappointment, after exhaustion; be the person who musters up the courage to believe that a new attempt can manifest a new outcome." 0847024844

Vice President Public Membership - Mabobo Maimela

Warmly welcomes new members with open arms, making sure they feel at home and ready to embark on their Toastmasters adventure! Mabobo Maimela - "Those who are blessed with the power And the soaring swiftness of the eagle And have flown before, Let them go. I will travel slowly, And I too will arrive." 076 916 0979

Club Treasurer - Ossy Mbengwa

Carefully counts the doubloons and keeps the financial shipshape, so the club can set sail on all the exciting voyages ahead! Ossy Mbengwa - "Run to win" 073 052 6200

Club Secretary - Obrian Shiriyapenga

Diligently keeps track of the club's treasure trove of records and meeting minutes, ensuring the ship sails smoothly through all administrative waters! Obrian Shiriyapenga - "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." 063 261 3422

Sergeant at Arms - Mathew Knights

Ensures the ship's deck is always set for smooth sailing, welcoming guests with a friendly smile and maintaining the meeting space for all the brave seafarers! +27 72 801 4418

Immediate Past President - Tebogo Legodi

Offers valuable wisdom and guidance, having sailed through the club's waters before. With their experience and insights, they support the new leadership crew on their exciting voyage, ensuring a smooth transition as the cheese continues to move! 079 389 8280