A Typical Programme

Starting time:            7:15 for 7:30

Theme:     Something Topical Involving Communication and Leadership

1. Call to Order:

2. Welcome, Apologies and Introductions

3. Programme Changes

4. Business Session

4.1             Apologies

4.2             Minutes of previous meeting

4.3             Matters arising

4.4             Correspondence

4.5             Officers’ Reports

4.6             Outside Assignments

4.7             Any other business

5. Toasts

5.1. Toast of the Evening

5.2. Toast to Toastmasters International

6. Educational Session

Something in the field of Communication and Leadership given by an experienced Toastmaster

7. Introduction of  the Toastmaster

Introduction of Officers

Table Topics Master

Evaluation Chairman

General Evaluator



Fines Master

8. Prepared Speeches

Four to Five speeches, basic and advanced, given by a Toastmaster

9. Table Topics Session

Five to six impromptu speeches – lots of fun, but teaching you how to think on your feet

10. Evaluation Sessions

Feedback giving positive reinforcement and guidance, for the Toastmasters presenting prepared speeches

11. Officers’ Reports



General Evaluator

12. Control returned to the President

Draw and awards

Matters on a point
Discussion on the meeting and other issues.

Next Meeting Details

13. Meeting Closure.    10:00pm